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The eminent domain lawyers at Rodgers Deutsch & Turner are dedicated to obtaining the maximum just compensation for our client in governmental acquisitions and takings. If you have received notice from a government entity that they are planning to take your property by eminent domain in King County, Snohomish County, Pierce County, or anywhere in Washington, give our condemnation attorneys a call immediately.


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Eminent Domain Lawyers King County Washington
King County Condemnation Attorneys

Rodgers Deutsch & Turner, P.L.L.C. is a law firm that for many years has limited its practice to representing Washington State property owners when the government is acquiring their property by eminent domain (condemnation), or in lieu thereof. Our Washington State condemnation attorneys have collectively represented well over 1,000 owners in cases involving most every branch of the government. No case is too large or too small as evident from the fact that we regularly represent the entire spectrum of owners - from publicly traded national companies losing multi-million dollar buildings to homeowners losing a small portion of their front yard for street widening purposes. 

Washington State Owners threatened with condemnation often assume that there is nothing that they can do. However, if that assumption was accurate, we would not have been able to resolve, to our clients' satisfaction, so many cases over the past 42 years. We understand the nuances of condemnation law, are familiar with most of the appraisers that are involved in condemnation appraisal work for both the government and owners, and have negotiated and worked with representatives of most of the governmental entities actively engaged in eminent domain. We believe that this background provides our clients with an advantage during the course of the condemnation process. Our breadth of experience has encompassed most branches of government in King, Snohomish and Pierce Counties.